Brittney and Mac // A Romantic Elopement // Gorham’s Bluff


Brittney and Mac exchanged their vows on an absolutely beautiful Sunday afternoon in February atop Gorham’s Bluff, a hidden gem in Pisgah, AL.  They invited their parents to accompany them and their minister.  It was an incredible experience to share in their day.  Not to mention, Brittney has such a light in her.  She can light up any room with her smile.  Her joy is contagious!  To capture such a sweet, intimate moment for them, knowing that these would be the images they would share with their family and friends after they announced their marriage.  I am honored to have had that role, to document such a perfect day and to have crossed paths with the two of them.  Congratulations Brittney and Mac!  Also, a big big thanks to Karina of Sweet Roots Photography for shooting with me and riding along for the adventure! 🙂

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And what’s even more exciting, these two are expecting their first little one in October!

Congratulations again, Brittney and Mac!


Pisgah, AL

Venue:  Gorham’s Bluff

Makeup:  Nancy Finnegan

Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal 

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  • Alicia WhiteJune 17, 2014 - 3:24 pm

    These are so ridiculously beautiful ! Probably my most favorite thing you’ve photographed yet! Bravo xoxoReplyCancel

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