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2016.  You were incredibly memorable in more ways than one.  This year marked five years from when I started Lauren Tomasella Photography.  With that milestone, came a year of reflection.  While it’s been quiet on the blog, as well as social media, there’s been lots behind the scenes and a hope of mine in 2017 is to share a bit more about those endeavors!  I felt it was necessary for me to take a look back at 2016, and to highlight some of my favorite moments.  With each year, I grow more fond of photography and the ability to capture such precious memories for others, who begin to feel more and more like family and welcome me with open arms.  Thank you for allowing me to continue what I love to do most  ❤️  A glimpse at this year’s past featured below 🙂

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As most of you know, I shared in one of the most beautiful experiences about two and half years ago and documented the delivery of my sister’s first baby girl, Avery.  I made a promise to her that I would do the same when baby number two came along!  I kept my promise and headed to Massachusetts for the holidays to ensure I would be there when she delivered.  I arrived December 14th.  She was admitted to the hospital December 16th.  There was more down-time with this delivery, but once her contractions began the night of the 17th, the labor rapidly intensified.  Just with Avery, she decided to go no drugs, all natural.  My sister is beyond amazing. I am still without words to describe her strength.  Similar to Avery’s delivery, my sister had severe back pain and struggled to get comfortable.  The midwife and staff on duty that night were incredibly kind with my sister and made sure to position her in the best possible way to relieve any pain.  At 2:55am on December 18th, Julia Marie was born, weighing 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches long.  The days following were filled with excitement, especially when Avery arrived to meet her baby sister.  I am so thrilled I was able to take this time during the holidays to be with my sister and to document her growing, beautiful family.  I love you all so much! Welcome baby Julia 🙂





This past Monday I received an unexpected call. A fellow photographer, the lovely Jan of Green Tree Photography, called and asked if I could fill in for her to photograph one of her good friend’s while she gave birth to her first child. Without hesitation I said yes. It is such a humbling experience sharing in one of the most precious moments of life.. A mom giving birth to her first child. It’s a day filled with all kinds of emotion. Not only did I witness the experience, I documented as the day unfolded. Casey and Hunter welcomed me with open arms into their delivery room. I may have started off as a stranger, but I soon felt a part of their family. Casey and Hunter decided not to find out what they were having, so they’ve been calling their baby-to-be, “Baby Shell.” Below is a slideshow from Baby Shell’s first day of life, but if you can’t view it below, click here to view the slideshow! Below are also some of my favorites from the day. It was priceless and I’m so honored to have been apart of the experience.

Casey’s mom quilted the above owl quilt! How stinkin cute!! She’s so talented!
Since Casey and Hunter didn’t know what they were having, they picked out two outfits–one pink, one blue! Do you notice an owl theme…

Hunter kept himself occupied with crosswords!

Hunter stayed close by.. in his chair.. just in case he passed out 🙂
Casey was too cute asking Hunter if he was alright 🙂

The doctor told Casey she sees a lot of hair!

Welcome to the world, Amelia Ruth! She was born at 3:56 p.m.

She weighed 8lbs and was 21 inches long.

You were amazing Casey!

Proud grandparents 🙂

Congratulations again Casey and Hunter on your beautiful baby Amelia! Thank you for the opportunity to share in such a wonderful experience! All my best to you and your family!

Amelia Ruth
Born on 4/16/12 at 3:56 p.m.
21 inches

2011 was a year to remember and a year I’ll never forget.

  • It was the year I got my business license in the State of Alabama and officially made it official (come February it will be a year!).
  • I *attempted* P90x.
  • I became an Aunt and realized I have so much love I don’t even know how to express.
  • I racked up quite the mileage driving to and from Alabama to Ohio.. so thankful it’s only a 6 hour drive! (but seriously, most of the time my family and friends didn’t where I was).
  • I ran a Huntsville Groupon Deal of the Day which has allowed me to meet so many wonderful families and couples! I am extremely grateful for its success so far!
  • The first of my friends started getting hitched (meaning mini reunions)!
  • I celebrated my one year anniversary working part-time for Bella Baby Photography… which also means I’ve been in Huntsville for over a year now!
  • I realized just how admirable, loving and inspirational grandparents are. I hope I never forget the times I shared with them. Lots of love to A.F., Papa, Grandma Jody and Nana. Miss you always.

2011 was a whirlwind. It was a year of growth. New adventures, travels and traditions. I’m so glad I had my camera along to capture it all. It was a delight going through these images from this past year. Thank you all again for allowing me to share in this time!

Now for a look back.. Enjoy!

P.S. Most of these sessions never got blogged and I am 100% guilty! They’ll be coming soon though!! And a giveaway is to follow! (Hint.. it’ll be time to pick your favorites of 2011!)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby niece Avery Josephine. Born on April 27th at 1:06pm. She weighed 8lbs 6oz and measured 19.5 inches. I love her and her every roll. Who I love and admire even more is my sister, Sarah, who delivered her sweet baby girl naturally – by choice. She was a rockstar and I am so proud of her. Sarah.. you’re my hero. It was such a unique and emotional experience to be apart of and witness. I am so happy I could document this moment for my sister and brother-in-law. Below is a slideshow from Avery’s first day of life, but if you can’t view it below, click here to view the slideshow! It’s also accompanied by some of my favorites from the day. I haven’t put my camera down since she was born! So look forward to seeing more!!! Congratulations Sarah and Doug! I love you both and your new little peanut.