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I’m writing this with a very full heart. One week (and three days!) ago I married my best friend.  Alex, can you believe we pulled it off? 😉 I don’t even know where to begin!  We’re still talking about how beyond thrilled and happy we are with how everything came together.  So many people were involved to make our day so special.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who made the trip and traveled in to the mountains to help us celebrate.  We had a blast with you and that is honestly a total understatement!!  If we could go back right now, we would!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you.  To have so many of you there and to have so much love surrounding us meant the world.  To our amazingly talented vendors who helped make our day shine, oh my goodness thank you!  Thank you for going above and beyond and exceeding all our of expectations.  Thank you for being a pleasure and joy to work with throughout, and making the wedding planning process easy, knowing we had people we know we could trust.  And to those in spirit and who kept us in their thoughts and prayers along the way, we love and appreciate each of you!  Thank you for showering us with so much love.  Alex and I feel incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  And now here come the happy tears 🙂 I won’t get too sappy on everyone! But just know how happy I am.  So grateful!  And so excited to start this new chapter.  Alex, I’m going to steal a line from our vows —  I love you, for who you are now, and who you are yet to become.  I fell in love with you all over again and I cannot wait to see what our future together holds for us.  I love you.  Now let’s get our honeymoon on! 🙂


Photo by the insanely talented, fun and adorable husband & wife team, W&E Photographie.

Emma and Wesley, have I told you I love you guys!  Here’s the link to our full blog post!

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In just a few short days, I get to marry my best friend.  I’m writing this with a ridiculous smile on face as I can’t contain how excited I am.  Alex and I have shared almost 7 years together.  Even writing that I’m in disbelief!  Those 7 years have included some of my best memories.  I am so fortunate, Alex, to have you in my life.  You play so many roles, and everyday I continue to be in awe of your spirit, your brilliance, your wit, your gentleness, your drive, your passion to travel and explore just as much as me, AND that you’re just plain awesome.  Alex, you give me so much love and support, I can’t even express how much it means.  Day to day, I take it for granted.  I love you.  I adore you.  And I can’t wait to make this all official!!! Most importantly, I cannot wait to continue to grow with you and to see what the next 7 years bring.  Let’s do this!!!! 🙂


Photo by the incredibly talented Wesley and Emma of W&E Photographie 

As most of you know, I shared in one of the most beautiful experiences about two and half years ago and documented the delivery of my sister’s first baby girl, Avery.  I made a promise to her that I would do the same when baby number two came along!  I kept my promise and headed to Massachusetts for the holidays to ensure I would be there when she delivered.  I arrived December 14th.  She was admitted to the hospital December 16th.  There was more down-time with this delivery, but once her contractions began the night of the 17th, the labor rapidly intensified.  Just with Avery, she decided to go no drugs, all natural.  My sister is beyond amazing. I am still without words to describe her strength.  Similar to Avery’s delivery, my sister had severe back pain and struggled to get comfortable.  The midwife and staff on duty that night were incredibly kind with my sister and made sure to position her in the best possible way to relieve any pain.  At 2:55am on December 18th, Julia Marie was born, weighing 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches long.  The days following were filled with excitement, especially when Avery arrived to meet her baby sister.  I am so thrilled I was able to take this time during the holidays to be with my sister and to document her growing, beautiful family.  I love you all so much! Welcome baby Julia 🙂





Happy Monday!!  I’m starting this Monday off with a personal post!  For the past week, I’ve been with my family in Hilton Head Island, SC.  I had been anticipating this trip ever since my sister threw out the idea of having a family vacation.  When we decided on Hilton Head, I was that more excited.  Hilton Head has always had a special place in my family’s heart since we used to go there as kids!  I was most excited because 1.) We haven’t had a family trip since I can’t remember when!  And 2.) My two-year-old niece Avery would be joining us, which guaranteed loads of entertainment.  Little did I know, there was more excitement to come 🙂

Of course every time my niece is around I can’t put down the camera!  p.s. that adorable bathing suit my niece is wearing is from Bella Bare Wear!

AND this is where the surprise comes in… Alex and I had talked about planning a trip to Savannah ever since we moved to the South.  Since we were only going to be an hour away in Hilton Head, now seemed like the perfect time!  I had no idea, but Alex had a whole evening already planned 🙂

AHH!!!!!!!!! He completely caught me off guard!!! And you couldn’t wipe that smile off my face!!!  A little background on the evening, Alex made dinner reservations at The Old Pinkhouse. I should’ve caught on that something was up when he encouraged the four course meal.  Had no idea.  We walked around Savannah after dinner.  Oh my goodness this city is beautiful.  So picturesque!!!  We stumbled upon (aka did a mad search) on where Forrest Gump was filmed.  We did A LOT of walking, which I had no idea at the time, but Alex was stalling…… aka trying to find the perfect spot 🙂  Which he absolutely did!  I love you so much, Alex!

So excited for what’s to come!  Thank you everyone for the well wishes and the congratulations!

Follow more of our adventures from the trip on Instagram! #raymasellafamilyvaca2013 🙂

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by booth D24 yesterday!  It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know so many wonderful people.  THANK YOU!  And if you are new to my blog, welcome!  Take a look around!  Leave some love 🙂  I would love to hear from you!

At the end of the post, there is a long list of thank you’s to everyone who made yesterday a success!  I am truly grateful for all of the help and support!  Be sure to also check out the winners of the giveaway!

I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed yesterday.  It was so exciting to be among so many wonderful local businesses.  I am just in pure amazement of the talent in Huntsville.

Without the following list of people, yesterday would not have been a success! They all contributed to making my vision become a reality.  I am so thankful.

First, thank you, Chamber of Commerce, for giving me this opportunity!  Since I moved here two years ago, the Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama have been extremely supportive of my business.  Not just my business, but all small businesses!  I highly encourage anyone just beginning, to contact them!  You will not regret it.

Krista and her family.  Krista is a fellow photographer and a good friend of mine in Huntsville.  I owe this girl so much!!! She kept me sane.  She helped me paint.  She offered her garage 🙂 And her Suburban for transport!  I am telling you, I am forever indebted to this girl!  Krista came with me the day of the Expo, helped me set up and stood by my side.  Thank you, Krista, for being there.

Krista and her husband, Daniel, also put me in touch with Travis.

Travis Boginski of GT Construction literally made this vision a reality.   I knew I wanted to construct a wall with hollow doors, I just could not wrap my head around how to do it.  While it would have taken me days upon days to build, he knocked it out in less than an hour.  He builds houses for a living, so my measly wall was nothing! 🙂  The best part, he made it easy for me to take apart/put together.  Amazing.  Thank you, Travis!!

Another thank you goes to my favorite printing vendors, ProDPI, Vision Art, WHCC, and Simply Canvas.  I have ProDPI and Simply Canvas to thank for my canvases.  I also have ProDPI to thank for my prints and 10×20 standout with my logo.  Another thank you goes to Vision Art.  Vision Art specializes in printing fine art books, which are my all-time favorite.  I love them because I love telling stories with my images and books are a perfect way to do just that.  Thank you Vision Art!  WHCC does all my printing for press products, including the 4.5×5 brochures I created to handout. They also make the adorable 3×3 brag books.  These vendors have the quality.  They have incredible customer service.  And they also make my work look good! 🙂  I could not be more pleased with their services.

Erin Lindsey of Erin Lindsey Images is another local photographer that I love and adore.  I highly recommend her!!  She was with me in the beginning stages of this project and helped brainstorm ideas for the living room concept.  She helped me shop, pointed me in the direction of some pretty fabulous thrift stores and antique malls (where I acquired the table and bookcase shelf). She was also kind enough to let me borrow those two adorable chairs and pillows.  AND the vintage camera and decorative books!  She is so awesome and would drop anything to help you.  Seriously, go check her out!

My mints!  As a gift, I handed out mini mint tins with my logo.  I kept a tin for myself, because they are so delicious!!  They were made by Forever Wed.  If you are ever in need of personalized gifts, wedding favors and more, I recommend them!

My sister and brother-in-law.  And I’ll throw my niece, Avery, in there too!  I don’t even know where to begin to thank them.  They are miles away, but I feel like they are right next door.  They are always there to offer advice, wisdom, criticism regardless of the time or day.  I am extremely grateful to have them in my life.

Morgan Trinker!  I have to give this girl a shout out!  Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is unbelievably kind and generous.  In this specific situation, she calmed my nerves and offered genuine advice on having a booth.  No exaggeration, she is a true inspiration.

My past clients.  Thank you for trusting in me.  Giving me opportunities.  Photographing you and your families.  Capturing and preserving your memories.  With every session, I am so honored.  Thank you.

To Krista, Luis, Maisee and Niroshen for helping me take down the set up!

To my parents, just because! 🙂

And Alex.  My best friend and love of my life.  He’s been in Hawaii the past two weeks… for work… (Not fair right!) 🙂  And even though he’s been gone the past two weeks, he’s been there every step of the way.

THANK YOU!!!!  AND now.. the winners of the giveaway!  Those who stopped by the booth had the opportunity to fill out a ticket or drop their business card into the drawing to win one of three prizes..

The Grand Prize..
Free Lifestyle Session ($285 Value)
The Grand Prize goes to Donna Cowart!

The Second Prize..
16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas ($195 Value)
The Second Prize goes to Shari MacPherson!

The Third Prize..
$100 Print Credit (toward any product of Lauren Tomasella Photography)
The Third Prize goes to Erin Railey!

Thank you again to all of those who participated in the giveaway!