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2016.  You were incredibly memorable in more ways than one.  This year marked five years from when I started Lauren Tomasella Photography.  With that milestone, came a year of reflection.  While it’s been quiet on the blog, as well as social media, there’s been lots behind the scenes and a hope of mine in 2017 is to share a bit more about those endeavors!  I felt it was necessary for me to take a look back at 2016, and to highlight some of my favorite moments.  With each year, I grow more fond of photography and the ability to capture such precious memories for others, who begin to feel more and more like family and welcome me with open arms.  Thank you for allowing me to continue what I love to do most  ❤️  A glimpse at this year’s past featured below 🙂

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The first time I met Lauren and John I knew there was something special to them.  Right off the bat, you could tell they were a team.  They are both so down to earth and make each other laugh bringing out both of their cheek to cheek smiles, which could light up any room!  Their beautiful ceremony, held at Holmes Street United Methodist Church in downtown Huntsville, was personalized where they included a slideshow of favorite moments as a couple and with family and friends.  Their reception was filled with gold, white and black, most fitting for a New Year’s Eve celebration!  They danced the night away to live music and brought in the New Year with a champagne toast and balloon drop!  It was quite the night and I am so honored to have shared in it all.  A special thanks to Alex Worlund for spending her New Years Eve with me and second shooting!  Below are some of my favorite moments from Lauren and John’s wedding day!

lauren-john-nye-00001 lauren-john-nye-00002 lauren-john-nye-00003 lauren-john-nye-00004 lauren-john-nye-00005 lauren-john-nye-00006 lauren-john-nye-00007 lauren-john-nye-00008 lauren-john-nye-00009 lauren-john-nye-00010 lauren-john-nye-00011 lauren-john-nye-00012 lauren-john-nye-00013 lauren-john-nye-00014 lauren-john-nye-00015 lauren-john-nye-00016 lauren-john-nye-00017 lauren-john-nye-00018 lauren-john-nye-00019 lauren-john-nye-00020 lauren-john-nye-00021 lauren-john-nye-00022 lauren-john-nye-00023 lauren-john-nye-00024 lauren-john-nye-00025 lauren-john-nye-00026 lauren-john-nye-00027 lauren-john-nye-00028 lauren-john-nye-00029 lauren-john-nye-00030 lauren-john-nye-00031 lauren-john-nye-00032 lauren-john-nye-00033 lauren-john-nye-00034 lauren-john-nye-00035 lauren-john-nye-00036 lauren-john-nye-00037 lauren-john-nye-00038 lauren-john-nye-00039 lauren-john-nye-00040 lauren-john-nye-00041 lauren-john-nye-00042 lauren-john-nye-00043 lauren-john-nye-00044 lauren-john-nye-00045 lauren-john-nye-00046 lauren-john-nye-00047 lauren-john-nye-00048 lauren-john-nye-00049 lauren-john-nye-00050

Happy New Year everyone!  Cheers to 2016!


Huntsville, AL

Ceremony Venue:  Holmes Street United Methodist

Reception Venue:  Huntsville Marriott

Wedding Dress:  The Something Blue Shoppe

Florist:  333 Design


Brittney and Mac exchanged their vows on an absolutely beautiful Sunday afternoon in February atop Gorham’s Bluff, a hidden gem in Pisgah, AL.  They invited their parents to accompany them and their minister.  It was an incredible experience to share in their day.  Not to mention, Brittney has such a light in her.  She can light up any room with her smile.  Her joy is contagious!  To capture such a sweet, intimate moment for them, knowing that these would be the images they would share with their family and friends after they announced their marriage.  I am honored to have had that role, to document such a perfect day and to have crossed paths with the two of them.  Congratulations Brittney and Mac!  Also, a big big thanks to Karina of Sweet Roots Photography for shooting with me and riding along for the adventure! 🙂

brittney_mac_wedding_0003 brittney_mac_wedding_0002 brittney_mac_wedding_0004 brittney_mac_wedding_0006 brittney_mac_wedding_0007 brittney_mac_wedding_0005 brittney_mac_wedding_0008 brittney_mac_wedding_0009 brittney_mac_wedding_0010 brittney_mac_wedding_0011 brittney_mac_wedding_0012 brittney_mac_wedding_0013 brittney_mac_wedding_0017 brittney_mac_wedding_0015 brittney_mac_wedding_0016 brittney_mac_wedding_0025 brittney_mac_wedding_0027 brittney_mac_wedding_0021 brittney_mac_wedding_0023 brittney_mac_wedding_0029 brittney_mac_wedding_0030 brittney_mac_wedding_0035 brittney_mac_wedding_0033 brittney_mac_wedding_0034 brittney_mac_wedding_0036 brittney_mac_wedding_0037 brittney_mac_wedding_0040 brittney_mac_wedding_0038 brittney_mac_wedding_0039 brittney_mac_wedding_0041 brittney_mac_wedding_0042 brittney_mac_wedding_0043 brittney_mac_wedding_0047 brittney_mac_wedding_0046 brittney_mac_wedding_0045 brittney_mac_wedding_0085 brittney_mac_wedding_0048 brittney_mac_wedding_0049 brittney_mac_wedding_0050 brittney_mac_wedding_0051 brittney_mac_wedding_0059 brittney_mac_wedding_0060 brittney_mac_wedding_0054 brittney_mac_wedding_0055 brittney_mac_wedding_0057 brittney_mac_wedding_0058 brittney_mac_wedding_0062 brittney_mac_wedding_0061 brittney_mac_wedding_0063 brittney_mac_wedding_0064 brittney_mac_wedding_0066 brittney_mac_wedding_0067 brittney_mac_wedding_0068 brittney_mac_wedding_0071 brittney_mac_wedding_0072 brittney_mac_wedding_0073 brittney_mac_wedding_0074 brittney_mac_wedding_0075 brittney_mac_wedding_0076 brittney_mac_wedding_0077 brittney_mac_wedding_0070 brittney_mac_wedding_0078 brittney_mac_wedding_0079 brittney_mac_wedding_0080 brittney_mac_wedding_0081 brittney_mac_wedding_0082 brittney_mac_wedding_0083 brittney_mac_wedding_0084 brittney_mac_wedding_0086 brittney_mac_wedding_0089 brittney_mac_wedding_0087

And what’s even more exciting, these two are expecting their first little one in October!

Congratulations again, Brittney and Mac!


Pisgah, AL

Venue:  Gorham’s Bluff

Makeup:  Nancy Finnegan

Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal 

I love taking this first part of the year to reflect back on the year prior.  2013 was filled with so many beautiful moments and I am just reminded how much I love what I do, how much I love my couples and families, and how I much I just love pure joy!  February marked my third year of owning my own business here in Huntsville and I am so grateful and so blessed to have the love and support from so many.  To each and every one of you, thank you!  Your words of encouragement continue to inspire me!  Cheers to a wonderful new year!

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Thank you again for an incredible year!

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Lauren and Addison tied the knot the first of February and the day itself was absolutely beautiful!  Warm temperatures, blue sky and sunny!  I am so happy for these two.  They have shared many years together, and most of their family and friends considered them already hitched.  It was a day long awaited for and it was all so perfect.  Lauren is a wedding planner in Birmingham, AL so we knew the details would have a touch of grace. Everything was so thoughtfully planned and came together so well!  A special thanks to Stone Bridge Farms and the team and vendors that helped make Lauren and Addison’s day above and beyond.  Another big shoutout and thank you goes to the talented Jessica Sparks of Jessica Sparks Photography for being by my side on their day and capturing so many wonderful moments.  And most importantly, thank you, Lauren and Addison, for the opportunity to share in and document your day 🙂

ltp-lauren-addison-w-0001 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0002 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0003 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0004 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0005 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0006 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0007 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0013 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0014 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0015 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0016 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0017 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0018 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0019 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0020 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0021 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0016-2 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0025 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0027 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0029 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0020 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0021 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0022 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0023 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0024 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0025 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0026 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0027 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0028 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0029 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0030 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0031 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0032 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0033 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0034 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0035 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0036 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0037 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0038 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0039 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0040 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0041 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0042 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0043 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0044 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0071 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0047 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0048 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0049 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0050 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0051 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0052 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0054 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0055 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0056 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0057 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0062 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0101 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0100 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0065 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0066 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0067 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0068 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0069 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0070 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0072 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0071 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0073 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0074 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0076 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0139 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0080 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0077 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0081 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0082 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0083 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0084 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0085 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0086 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0087 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0088 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0131 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0090 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0091 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0092 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0093 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0094 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0095 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0096 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0098 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0097 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0099 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0100 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0101 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0102 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0104 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0105 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0106 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0108 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0107 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0109 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0110 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0111 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0112 ltp-lauren-addison-w-_0160 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0113 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0115 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0116 ltp-lauren-addison-w-0117

Words can’t express how happy I am for the two of you!  Congratulations Lauren and Addison!


Cullman, AL

Venue:  Stone Bridge Farms

Florist:  Ava Grace Designs by Stone Bridge Farms

Hair & Makeup:  Lynsey Richardson and Jessica Lavender

Wedding Dress:  Bridals by Lori / Designer: Watters Brides

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal & Tux of Brookwood / Designer: Bari Jay

Groom and Groomsmen Suits:  Jos. A Bank’s

Ceremony Music:  Jennifer Brooker

Officiant:  David Christopher

Caterer:  Stone Bridge Farms

Cake Artist:  Hilde of Magnificent Cakes

Band:  Copper Stills

Videographer:  Kali Piersall of Crooked Tree Productions