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Rachel and Neil got married atop Burritt on the Mountain.  The day called for rain, but the skies cleared in time!  Their wedding was filled with DIY projects and details, including teacup stenciled save the dates, custom designed wedding programs with a silhouetted bridal party made by Rachel, a button bouquet made by Rachel’s mother, teacup centerpiece arrangements assembled by Rachel’s mother, handmade button magnets to hold each escort card (also made by Rachel’s mother!).  Their day was truly beautiful!  A special thanks to Neeshia Albrecht of Poppy June Photography for tag teaming this wedding with me!  She captured one of my most favorite images below!

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Congratulations Rachel and Neil!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!


Huntsville, AL

Venue:  Burritt on the Mountain

Wedding Coordinator:  Erica Thimsen of Helping Hand Parties

Florist: Melanie Nord

Hair & Makeup:  Noel Martin from Salon Allure

Ceremony Music:  Unknown Lyric

Caterer:  Ashley’s Creative Catering

DJ: Dugal Sound and Lighting


Fun facts from their wedding day:

  • The save the date was a spin off the tea cup theme. Rachel’s mom found a tea cup stencil and pretty paper that reassembled tea cup pattern. Rachel purchased personalized tea bags that fit perfectly in the tea cup paper. Love is Brewing is written at the top of the card.
  • Rachel was able to make her own wedding program design. She took the exact color swatches of each of the bridesmaid/groomsmen attire and used that in the program.
  • The tea bag favors were also a part of the tea cup theme. Each guest received a bag with two cookies dipped in chocolate in the shape of tea bags. At the end of the cookie was a small string with our names and the wedding date.
  • The tea cups took several months to collect. Rachel’s mom went to antique stores, shopped online and went to estate sales to find these tea cups. She was very particular about the color, shape and pattern. They had over 12 tables to decorate, and Rachel’s mom assembled and arranged the tea cups in different ways. They used sticky tape to hold them together.
  • The escort cards were actually the back of the invitation response cards. Rachel’s mom created button magnets which each card had. These were placed on an old window frame that had been converted into a board.
  • The cake knife Rachel and Neil used was Rachel’s parents.
  • Rachel and Neil met on the Ocoee River.  In celebration of this, they asked guests to sign their name on wooden paddles



Kari and Clay had the perfect southern wedding. When I first met with Kari she told me her love and obsession with brunch! 🙂 She loves all things brunch. French toast, mimosas .. You name it, she loves it! Which meant for a morning wedding! Kari and Clay lucked out with a beautiful blue sky, everything in full bloom, it was simply gorgeous. They had endless bloody maries, a yard full of lawn games, PIE! Lots and lots of pie. Did I mention a paper plane send off? They had that too!! Kari and Clay, THANK YOU! Thank you for having me be a part of such a special day filled with so many memories. A big thanks to all of the vendors involved who helped make her day beautiful. And also a big thanks to April of April Stanley Photography for second shooting with me!

Kari and Clay’s parents were married the same year, one day apart!  

Congratulations Kari & Clay!  Your wedding was incredibly unique and SO fun to be apart of!  I’m honored to have shared in your day!  Thank you again and warmest wishes!! 🙂


Mooresville, AL

Venue:  Creekside Plantation

Wedding Coordinator:  Erica Thimsen of Helping Hand Parties

Flowers:  In Bloom Floral Design Studio

Hair & Makeup:  Leah of Terra Bacio Salon

Wedding Dress:  Madison Town and Country

Caterer:  Endless Catering

Preacher:  Mark Nave

Pianist:  Canna Rickets







I am so incredibly in love with these two. And for so many reasons! This was my first wedding of the season. And I was so so happy to work with them! They ADORE one another. Tori, so excited and anxious to see Drew. Drew, waited patiently for his bride-to-be, showing no nerves whatsoever (UNTIL he saw her walk down the isle!). Tori immediately went into a speed walk when she saw him at their first look. I had the chills the whole time. Their love= pure + honest. Tori and Drew’s wedding was filled with so many wonderful details. Details that made their day one of a kind. Tori, you have a DIY touch! The day called for rain, but we lucked out in every way. The moment the doors opened after their ceremony, SUNSHINE and BLUE SKY. What a blessing the day was. Tori and Drew, THANK YOU! Thank you for having me be apart of your special day! I am so honored to have shared it with you!
* Special shout out and big thank you to Whitney and Kelli of Caught You On Camera for second/third shooting with me!
Congratulations Tori & Drew!  So much love sent your way!!!
 Huntsville, AL
Flowers:  Mark Kimbrough, In Bloom
Hair:  Lisa Adair at Terrame Day Spa
Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses:  Tawny Holt, Amour Sans Anguish
Music/DJ: Billy Brasfield
Cake: Stephanie Hamley, Hamley Bake Shoppe
 Photobooth: Snapbox

I am so excited to be sharing this new venue here in Huntsville! Last week, Heather and Carla, the manager and owner of Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation, gave me a tour of their new facility! They are currently in the renovation stages, and will be opening their doors for an open house on April 13th from 4-7pm! This venue has such a good vibe and energy. The former owner used the plantation as a horse riding farm for handicapped children. The new owners decided to keep the character of the stables, the picket white fence, the acres and acres of land. There are just so many wonderful touches! 

The family has been working day in and day out and I am just so excited for them.  

Thank you again, Heather and Carla, for taking the time out of your day for the tour and to share your story!

Be sure to mark their open house on your calendars!! They’re also hosting a “Story Contest!” Read more here!

Their website:


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by booth D24 yesterday!  It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know so many wonderful people.  THANK YOU!  And if you are new to my blog, welcome!  Take a look around!  Leave some love 🙂  I would love to hear from you!

At the end of the post, there is a long list of thank you’s to everyone who made yesterday a success!  I am truly grateful for all of the help and support!  Be sure to also check out the winners of the giveaway!

I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed yesterday.  It was so exciting to be among so many wonderful local businesses.  I am just in pure amazement of the talent in Huntsville.

Without the following list of people, yesterday would not have been a success! They all contributed to making my vision become a reality.  I am so thankful.

First, thank you, Chamber of Commerce, for giving me this opportunity!  Since I moved here two years ago, the Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama have been extremely supportive of my business.  Not just my business, but all small businesses!  I highly encourage anyone just beginning, to contact them!  You will not regret it.

Krista and her family.  Krista is a fellow photographer and a good friend of mine in Huntsville.  I owe this girl so much!!! She kept me sane.  She helped me paint.  She offered her garage 🙂 And her Suburban for transport!  I am telling you, I am forever indebted to this girl!  Krista came with me the day of the Expo, helped me set up and stood by my side.  Thank you, Krista, for being there.

Krista and her husband, Daniel, also put me in touch with Travis.

Travis Boginski of GT Construction literally made this vision a reality.   I knew I wanted to construct a wall with hollow doors, I just could not wrap my head around how to do it.  While it would have taken me days upon days to build, he knocked it out in less than an hour.  He builds houses for a living, so my measly wall was nothing! 🙂  The best part, he made it easy for me to take apart/put together.  Amazing.  Thank you, Travis!!

Another thank you goes to my favorite printing vendors, ProDPI, Vision Art, WHCC, and Simply Canvas.  I have ProDPI and Simply Canvas to thank for my canvases.  I also have ProDPI to thank for my prints and 10×20 standout with my logo.  Another thank you goes to Vision Art.  Vision Art specializes in printing fine art books, which are my all-time favorite.  I love them because I love telling stories with my images and books are a perfect way to do just that.  Thank you Vision Art!  WHCC does all my printing for press products, including the 4.5×5 brochures I created to handout. They also make the adorable 3×3 brag books.  These vendors have the quality.  They have incredible customer service.  And they also make my work look good! 🙂  I could not be more pleased with their services.

Erin Lindsey of Erin Lindsey Images is another local photographer that I love and adore.  I highly recommend her!!  She was with me in the beginning stages of this project and helped brainstorm ideas for the living room concept.  She helped me shop, pointed me in the direction of some pretty fabulous thrift stores and antique malls (where I acquired the table and bookcase shelf). She was also kind enough to let me borrow those two adorable chairs and pillows.  AND the vintage camera and decorative books!  She is so awesome and would drop anything to help you.  Seriously, go check her out!

My mints!  As a gift, I handed out mini mint tins with my logo.  I kept a tin for myself, because they are so delicious!!  They were made by Forever Wed.  If you are ever in need of personalized gifts, wedding favors and more, I recommend them!

My sister and brother-in-law.  And I’ll throw my niece, Avery, in there too!  I don’t even know where to begin to thank them.  They are miles away, but I feel like they are right next door.  They are always there to offer advice, wisdom, criticism regardless of the time or day.  I am extremely grateful to have them in my life.

Morgan Trinker!  I have to give this girl a shout out!  Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is unbelievably kind and generous.  In this specific situation, she calmed my nerves and offered genuine advice on having a booth.  No exaggeration, she is a true inspiration.

My past clients.  Thank you for trusting in me.  Giving me opportunities.  Photographing you and your families.  Capturing and preserving your memories.  With every session, I am so honored.  Thank you.

To Krista, Luis, Maisee and Niroshen for helping me take down the set up!

To my parents, just because! 🙂

And Alex.  My best friend and love of my life.  He’s been in Hawaii the past two weeks… for work… (Not fair right!) 🙂  And even though he’s been gone the past two weeks, he’s been there every step of the way.

THANK YOU!!!!  AND now.. the winners of the giveaway!  Those who stopped by the booth had the opportunity to fill out a ticket or drop their business card into the drawing to win one of three prizes..

The Grand Prize..
Free Lifestyle Session ($285 Value)
The Grand Prize goes to Donna Cowart!

The Second Prize..
16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas ($195 Value)
The Second Prize goes to Shari MacPherson!

The Third Prize..
$100 Print Credit (toward any product of Lauren Tomasella Photography)
The Third Prize goes to Erin Railey!

Thank you again to all of those who participated in the giveaway!