FAQ for Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Sessions

What can I expect at my newborn portrait session?

What can I expect at my family and lifestyle portrait session?

What can I expect at my high school senior portrait session?

What should I wear to my portrait and lifestyle session?

How do I book a session?

What happens after my photo shoot?

Can I purchase a thumb drive of my images?

Where do you recommend printing?

Do you offer referral incentives?


FAQ for Wedding Photography

What do your wedding photography collections include?

Why do an engagement session?

What should we wear to our engagement session?

What do you love most about weddings?

What is The First Look?

How do I make the perfect wedding day schedule?

Do you have any additional advice for brides and grooms?

How do we book you for our wedding date?

After our wedding, how long does it take to receive our photos?