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It was just around this time last year when I first met Beverly and John to discuss their upcoming photo session.  Little did John know I met with Beverly a few weeks prior to plan her sweet, surprise proposal to him.  It took all of my willpower to contain my excitement for these two!  It was so evident that day meeting them that the love and affection they have for one another was incredibly infectious.  Fast forward to photo session day aka Beverly’s proposal day! Beverly picked out the spot inside Harrison Brother’s Hardware in downtown Huntsville, a place the two of them have fond memories of and frequent often.  She set up a table inside, and upon that table lied a book, a book filled with keepsakes telling their story — movie date nights, concerts, dreams. I have to quote Beverly on this: “Bound within this book are the keepsakes that tell our story. Movie date nights. Concerts. Dreams. Memories of Memories. The times we’ve shared snuggled in the comfort of each other. All the little things that remind us of us. Every page reveals a new adventure. Are you ready to begin the next chapter?”  Let’s just say John was beyond surprised!  Their proposal story in pictures below 🙂

What better way to celebrate than at Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria!

Congratulations again, Beverly and John!!  I’m thrilled to have shared in such a sweet moment between the two of you and can’t wait for your wedding day this September!

Chloe and Garrett are both Alabama natives and currently reside in Orlando, Florida.  Although their wedding will be held in Huntsville come this July, I jumped on the opportunity to come visit them in Orlando for their engagement session!  They picked out an adorable part of town, the city of Winter Park, and we spent the afternoon exploring and walking around with their pup Cooper.  Below are a few of my favorites from their session!

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I had the honor of meeting this couple at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, GA.  The park has become one of their favorites for visiting and hiking.  I haven’t been to Stone Mountain since I was a kid, and honestly the only thing I remember is the lazer show at night!  It was fun to explore with these two and get familiar with their favorite spots around the park.  They’ll be tying the knot at the end of August and I’m thrilled to share in this special time!  Thank you, Monica and Derek, for such a fun afternoon!

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Haley and Eric will be tying the knot this year on 12-13-14.  They joked that they picked that date because it would be easy to remember! 🙂   I am so thrilled to be working with these two.  Haley and Eric are high school sweethearts and blend so well together.  For our session, we ventured around downtown Decatur.  It’s an area familiar to the two of them so it was fun to get a little tour!  Thank you, Haley and Eric, for such a wonderful afternoon!

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