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This session has me dreaming of green grass and life by the water!  I had such a blast with this family last summer.  Will and Annie were 3 and 1.5 at the time of this session, and full of energy!!  They brought along their pup, Daffodil, which added to the fun.  Lake Guntersville made for a perfect backdrop.  And a bonus for the kids, there was a playground!  Some of my favorite moments from their family session featured below 🙂

One of my favorite things about being a lifestyle photographer is growing with couples and families!  Courtney and Kirk got married in June 2012 and I had the honor of documenting their big day.  Now they are proud parents of this little man, Knox!  They live back in Ohio, so when the opportunity came up that I would be coming back to visit, I was so eager to know I could meet this guy!  He is adorable.  7 months and full of life.  I just love this family!  Thank you Kirk, Courtney and Knox for bearing the cold weather that came in!  It was so wonderful to see you and thank you for allowing me to capture these sweet moments! fallohio-001 fallohio-002 fallohio-003 fallohio-004 fallohio-005 fallohio-006 fallohio-007 fallohio-008 fallohio-009 fallohio-010 fallohio-011

I am so excited to share one of my most favorite family sessions of 2013.  Meet Karina, Charles and their boys Maddox and Liam! The fabulous and extremely talented Karina is the photographer at Sweet Roots Photography.  It was such an honor to do this session for her.  When Karina first contacted me and told me her idea of having a family session in the rain.. boots, umbrellas and all, I was ALL for it!  So different and it was definitely going to be my first (planned) session in the rain.  We set the date and hoped for the best.  Well, session day came.. and it RAINED!!!  It could not have been more perfect.  Not to mention this family is a BLAST!  Thank you Karina, Charles, Maddox and Liam!  Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this session!   ltp-acker-family-001 ltp-acker-family-002 ltp-acker-family-003 ltp-acker-family-004 ltp-acker-family-005 ltp-acker-family-006 ltp-acker-family-007 ltp-acker-family-008 ltp-acker-family-009 ltp-acker-family-010 ltp-acker-family-011 ltp-acker-family-012 ltp-acker-family-013 ltp-acker-family-014 ltp-acker-family-015 ltp-acker-family-016 ltp-acker-family-017 ltp-acker-family-018 ltp-acker-family-019 ltp-acker-family-020 ltp-acker-family-021 ltp-acker-family-022 ltp-acker-family-023 ltp-acker-family-024 ltp-acker-family-025 ltp-acker-family-026 ltp-acker-family-027 ltp-acker-family-028 ltp-acker-family-029