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Who remembers these cuties when they were only 4 days new!  Hunter and Nolan are now 6 months old!  Chubby cheeks, toothless smiles, lots of baby talk, and little giggles!  When Kristin and Kevin reached out to get together for a session, I could not pass up the opportunity to see how much these little guys have grown!  They just make me smile cheek to cheek, and they are only getting cuter!

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Everyone, meet Aly!  She has one of the biggest hearts and biggest smiles.  She is one of the sweetest you’ll ever meet.  Extremely personable and so so kind!  To put it simply, she’s beautiful inside and out 🙂  We had a blast venturing around, taking advantage of early Spring and that gorgeous light!  Alyson will be graduating this May and has plans of majoring in nursing!  Congratulations Aly!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special and exciting time!  I wish you all the best in your next chapter!  alyson-blog-0001 alyson-blog-0002 alyson-blog-0003 alyson-blog-0004 alyson-blog-0005 alyson-blog-0006 alyson-blog-0007 alyson-blog-0008 alyson-blog-0009 alyson__0025

Aly’s gorgeous make-up done by the very talented Nancy Finnegan!

Beautiful and glowing, Brekke, and her adorable, loving husband, Baron, are expecting their first baby boy in June!  To capture these two, (and that gorgeous light and sunset!) during this special time for them was such a joy and such a pleasure!  Brekke mentioned how fast her pregnancy has gone and she can imagine how fast her little boy is going to grow up!  I know it meant the world to take that time out to embrace her pregnancy.  I am so honored to be working with you both!  Thank you again, Brekke and Baron!

brekke_maternity_0001 brekke_maternity_0002 brekke_maternity_0004 brekke_maternity_0005 brekke_maternity_0011 brekke_maternity_0012 brekke_maternity_0006 brekke_maternity_0007 brekke_maternity_0008 brekke_maternity_0009 brekke_maternity_0010

Haley and Eric will be tying the knot this year on 12-13-14.  They joked that they picked that date because it would be easy to remember! 🙂   I am so thrilled to be working with these two.  Haley and Eric are high school sweethearts and blend so well together.  For our session, we ventured around downtown Decatur.  It’s an area familiar to the two of them so it was fun to get a little tour!  Thank you, Haley and Eric, for such a wonderful afternoon!

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