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It was just around this time last year when I first met Beverly and John to discuss their upcoming photo session.  Little did John know I met with Beverly a few weeks prior to plan her sweet, surprise proposal to him.  It took all of my willpower to contain my excitement for these two!  It was so evident that day meeting them that the love and affection they have for one another was incredibly infectious.  Fast forward to photo session day aka Beverly’s proposal day! Beverly picked out the spot inside Harrison Brother’s Hardware in downtown Huntsville, a place the two of them have fond memories of and frequent often.  She set up a table inside, and upon that table lied a book, a book filled with keepsakes telling their story — movie date nights, concerts, dreams. I have to quote Beverly on this: “Bound within this book are the keepsakes that tell our story. Movie date nights. Concerts. Dreams. Memories of Memories. The times we’ve shared snuggled in the comfort of each other. All the little things that remind us of us. Every page reveals a new adventure. Are you ready to begin the next chapter?”  Let’s just say John was beyond surprised!  Their proposal story in pictures below 🙂

What better way to celebrate than at Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria!

Congratulations again, Beverly and John!!  I’m thrilled to have shared in such a sweet moment between the two of you and can’t wait for your wedding day this September!

I don’t even know where to begin with these two!  They make me so happy.  This entire time while putting together their blog post, I could not stop smiling!  And yes, I may have teared up reliving it all!  Last Thursday, Chelsea, Jason and I and their two pups, Riley and Sophie, got together for a “pet session” (so Chelsea thought!).  In reality, Jason had been planning a proposal and envisioned this to be the perfect opportunity.  Everything went to plan, and Jason pulled off the perfect proposal, with the help of their dog Riley :).  Chelsea was so surprised and her reaction was priceless.  That smile didn’t come off her face the entire time!  It just got brighter and brighter!  Congratulations you two!

So happy and so honored to have shared in this special moment.  Wishing you two all the best!!!!  Congratulations!  And happy wedding planning!!! 🙂 🙂


Happy Monday!!  I’m starting this Monday off with a personal post!  For the past week, I’ve been with my family in Hilton Head Island, SC.  I had been anticipating this trip ever since my sister threw out the idea of having a family vacation.  When we decided on Hilton Head, I was that more excited.  Hilton Head has always had a special place in my family’s heart since we used to go there as kids!  I was most excited because 1.) We haven’t had a family trip since I can’t remember when!  And 2.) My two-year-old niece Avery would be joining us, which guaranteed loads of entertainment.  Little did I know, there was more excitement to come 🙂

Of course every time my niece is around I can’t put down the camera!  p.s. that adorable bathing suit my niece is wearing is from Bella Bare Wear!

AND this is where the surprise comes in… Alex and I had talked about planning a trip to Savannah ever since we moved to the South.  Since we were only going to be an hour away in Hilton Head, now seemed like the perfect time!  I had no idea, but Alex had a whole evening already planned 🙂

AHH!!!!!!!!! He completely caught me off guard!!! And you couldn’t wipe that smile off my face!!!  A little background on the evening, Alex made dinner reservations at The Old Pinkhouse. I should’ve caught on that something was up when he encouraged the four course meal.  Had no idea.  We walked around Savannah after dinner.  Oh my goodness this city is beautiful.  So picturesque!!!  We stumbled upon (aka did a mad search) on where Forrest Gump was filmed.  We did A LOT of walking, which I had no idea at the time, but Alex was stalling…… aka trying to find the perfect spot 🙂  Which he absolutely did!  I love you so much, Alex!

So excited for what’s to come!  Thank you everyone for the well wishes and the congratulations!

Follow more of our adventures from the trip on Instagram! #raymasellafamilyvaca2013 🙂